Our mission

We simplify dating by giving you the opportunity to get acquainted in popular messengers.

What do we believe in?

We believe that we can make the most convenient dating service based on chatbots in popular messengers, because there are several prerequisites for this.

The audience of messengers is growing and will continue to grow.

Messengers will continue to give more and more opportunities for the development of high-quality chatbots that are comparable in functionality to mobile applications.

Chatbots in messengers will replace mobile apps.

The big messengers will follow the path of Wechat and become superapps with their chatbot stores, like the Apple Store and Play Market, and payment services.

Our Values

Honest and open interaction. This applies to both the communication between Zodier and users, and the communication of users with each other.

Mutual respect. We are against any form of discrimination on any grounds. Each person is unique by nature, and we are happy to host users who are willing to respect the differences between people.

Search for points of contact. Joint goals are what unites our team. And we believe that it can unite our users! Our bar is high: we want Zodier to become an effective tool for finding like-minded people who share their views on things that are important.

Forecasting and preparation. Relationships between people are unique and unpredictable. But the compatibility calculation can provide some clarity — at least to assess what can be expected from communication and what difficulties may arise in the future. Of course, it is up to you to decide what conclusions to draw based on the results of the calculation, but additional information will not be superfluous.

Where do we see our future-selves?

We see ourselves as the largest dating service in popular messengers.

How will we achieve this?

By creating bots on different platforms, we will reach the maximum number of users interested in dating.

Why do we calculate compatibility?

We believe that every person has biorhythms that depend on the date of birth.

We are not saying that if you have poor compatibility you will not be able to build a strong and long-term relationship. We believe that depending on the compatibility of different biorhythms, couples will expect different difficulties in the relationship.